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Bi Plane Copper Farmhouse Weathervane

Bi Plane Copper Farmhouse Weathervane

  • £24500

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Our weathervanes come as standard with a 125mm (5”) Projection Eaves Mount bracket. You can choose a different bracket option by visiting the link below.
Farmhouse Weathervane Accessories

You cannot fail but to be impressed with our Large Farmhouse copper Bi Plane. Imagine the unique sound of a cyclone engine clattering over the roof tops evoking memories of a simpler time. Let it soar over your rooftop into the wild blue yonder - watch the sun set as it comes into land - what better way to enjoy the peace of your garden.

For centuries, weather vanes have been relied upon to indicate the direction of the wind in order to predict weather patterns. Today, although still fully functional, weather vanes are also used as decorative statements.

Our Farmhouse Weather vanes are the perfect complement for any home, garden, cupola or garden. Handcrafted from the best materials by skilled artisans, this weather vane is a work of art.

Apart from traditional cardinals for the UK (NSEW) we can supply alternative cardinal arms for France, Italy and Spain (NSEO), Holland (NZOW), Germany (NSOW) - please contact us to make the free of charge substitution.


Farmhouse Weathervane InstructionsMini Instructions

Download the Farmhouse Weathervane Instructions

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            Bi Plane feature and spacer balls are made from quality copper and brazed  together by hand


  • Our Cardinal points (NSEW) are made from cast brass-      
  • Option cardinals for Europe are available at no extra cost at point of order.
  • Apart from traditional cardinals for the UK (NSEW) we can supply alternative cardinal arms for France (NSOE), Italy (NSOE), Holland (NZWO), Spain (NSOE) and Germany (NSWO) - please ring for details
  • Steel assembly rod for strength and durability. Can be extended for additional height (see fitting options )

  • This weather vane is made from copper and brass.It will discolour quickly by going to a dull brown and then eventually a verdigris colour. Several coats of a good quality clear lacquer will slow the discolouring process.

  • Standard 125mm (5inch) Eave bracket is supplied - other style brackets available, please see fitting options or ring for advice.

  • Propeller is fixed


Overall Dimensions:
Height: 780mm
Width:  560mm
Weight: 3kg

Biplane Dimensions:
Height: 230mm (9 inches)
Width:Wing tip to wing tip 560mm (22 inches)
Length - Propeller to tail plane 584mm (23 inches)





All weights and measurements are approximate.


CopperCopper is used on our 3D ranges (heads and spacers) offering timeless quality with corrosion-free durability.  This precious metal naturally achieves a verdigris effect over a period of time.  A lacquer spray can be used to prolong the polished effect and delay the development of the natural patina.  The 3D bodies are handcrafted from beaten copper sections and brazed.  The brazing will be visible, but this does not tend to detract from the overall good looks of our copper weathervanes.

Brass ConstructionCast brass fittings are used for the cardinal points (NSEW) on our 3D polished copper weathervanes.


Steel ConstructionSteel is used for the rotation rods and standard bracket mount on the 3D weathervanes.  The steel is coated with an exterior quality powder coat paint for extended life.

Black Powder Coat PaintThe weathervane rods and mounts are coated with an exterior quality powder coat paint which protects the steel and offers a durable finish.  You can expect this finish to look good for quite some time!  For extended life, we suggest giving the mount a coat of Hammerite paint.

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