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Sloop Weathervane Diamond Collection

Sloop Weathervane Diamond Collection

  • £22900

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This precision made sailing boat design weather vane fabricated from Stainless Steel is ready for a  life time of trouble free service. The quality of this European made article is exceptional and is guaranteed to last.

Each weather vane has a generous 90cm arrow pointer which is balanced to ensure optimum performance in operation and along with the weather proof bearing provides smooth movement.

The entire construction is offered on a 12mm diameter solid stainless steel shaft

The standard weather vane is offered with a standard cardinal point assembly finished in a high quality black finish. Alternatively the letters may be left as polished stainless steel or gold finished letters are offered at additional cost.Please ring for more information 01536 268630

This product can be ordered with Cardinal points to respect French, German and Dutch languages.

  • Stainless Steel construction guaranteed to last and maintenance free

  • Silhouette finished in quality external grade black paint finish

  • High quality 12mm Stainless steel mounting stem

  • Maintenance free bearing between head and shaft.

  • Dimensions
  • Arrow Length tip to tail :- 930mm (36inches)
  • Length of Sloop silhouette - bow sprit to end of boom :- 420mm (16.5 inches)
  • Height of Sloop silhouette - top of mast to arrow base :- 420mm (16.5inches)
  • Total Height mounted on standard stem :- 910mm (36 inches)
  • Cardinal Points NSEW  :- 500mm (20 inches)
  • Letter Heights NSEW :-115mm (4.5 inches)

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